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Igor Levashov Wall Art

Igor Levashov (Born in 1964) was born near Moscow in Russia. He wanted to realize his dream as an artist, and in 1997, he entered the School for Young Painters and in 1984 he entered Sourykoff Institute, a world-famed institute in Moscow, where he studied realistic painting –. He finished his formal training in The Hague at the Royal Academy of Modern Art in 1996. It was around this time that he discovered his passion and love for flowers. Levashov is keen to detail and his detailed paintings are done in oil in a single session. His art has been exhibited at Museum of the Hague, Holland; the National State Galleries in Russia; Private Art Gallery, Athens, Greece; Kunstpassage, The Hague, Holland; and International Flower Exhibition Center in Aalsmeer, Holland. A number of his paintings have been published as art prints in North America and Europe.

They have also been popular on various licensed products. His stunning floral paintings can be used to brighten any wall. His works of art are a true conversation piece! Levashov’s practical and technical ability to render the details of flowers demonstrates his level of skill as an artist. However, he’s able to hold the attention of those who view his work by his ability to convey and capture the true essence and soft romance of the flowers and the settings he creates for them. He currently works and resides with his family in The Hague in the Netherlands. His art currently graces the walls of many prestigious buildings all over the world.

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