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Zig Wall Art

Zig is a contemporary artist whose work crosses the boundaries of modern technology and classical art. With his diametrically opposed themes, Zig creates art that are acutely instinctive and attractive. Influenced by society’s increasing commercialization, he weaves together the visual language of the media driven realities of the modern world and fine art into a powerful and extraordinarily synthesis and an incisive comment on art, the human condition and perception. Looking at his art, the informed viewer will more deeply affected by his pieces or the viewer will most likely respond with humor. The responses are the result of the viewer dealing with a state of cognitive dissension, where two or more perceptions that are contradictory are held simultaneously to be the case.

Many of his works are seen to be funny - laughter is an adaptive response to such a discovery. However, taking something as being funny is not a characteristic of an event or object, but of the viewer’s perception of an artwork. Funny, it may be said, lies in the beholder. Zig has continued to follow his artistic tendencies has produced an array of delightful high quality and fine originals. Not only does he have exceptional painting skills, his printmaking expertise has seen service on a variety of finishing options. His works celebrate the tranquil and idyllic, and portrays his subjects with great élan. He has been to many shows including Boulan South Beach Penthouse Exhibition, Art Rebellion – London, Mannix Contemporaries – Southampton, Transfiguration - Pt. Jefferson NY, etc.
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Casino de Paris/Mistinguett
Fine-Art Print
16" x 36"
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