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John Douglas Wall Art

John Douglas is a Kansas born artist who was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Like many artists, he knew from an early age that one day he would become a full time artist. He was greatly influenced by nature’s perfection and delicate scope. He has been an artist for several years now and his work can be found in many private and corporate collections and in galleries all over the world. Douglas is now one of the finest artists in Arizona and hopes that every one of his artwork will convey a feeling, stir a mood, and transport the viewers to another world. Douglas’ passion for art has made him to believe that every image has the potential to tell a story, and that every image has a message that it delivers to the viewer.

Douglas’ work goes beyond mere classical representation and tends to capture the viewers attention to an extent that they feel part of it. His standards for illustration have increased greatly and every image he puts up has to feature something unique and special about the subject that no one has ever seen before. His complex layering of iconography, images, paint and other media work together to take the viewer a world that balances both modernism and antiquity. Douglas likes to read and to travel and has been a tremendous source of inspiration to many upcoming artists. He is always on the lookout for new and inventive ways to present his work. He continues to reinvent himself by exploring new mediums. He has explored the medium of hand-painted steel sculptures, freestanding, as well as wall reliefs covered with geometries of tile and mosaic work.

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