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Ron Parker Art Prints

When we discovered Ron Parker's work at a West Coast wildlife art show, we were overwhelmed by his ability to capture an animal in its natural environment. Through the Firs, his most sought after eagle print, climbed to the top of our North American Top 50 Best Seller list in record time! Parker takes time to create his paintings; it takes hours to render the feathers and hairs of his subjects. Using a palette of pine greens, soft browns and misty greys, Parker's palette is neutral enough to work in a variety of settings. Framed in a barnboard frame, Parker's prints fit into any rustic setting. Born, raised, and still living in British Columbia, Ron Parker is recognized as one of the top wildlife artists in North America. His original acrylic paintings are avidly sought after. Ron spends many hours hiking and photographing his subject matter. A full time artist since 1978, Ron has had several successful one-man shows in both Canada and the United States.

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