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Anna Cseresnjes Wall Art

Anna Cseresnjes is an Austrian Citizen living French Riviera. She used to travel/work for an international Airline and used to take photographs as a hobby. She later decided to convert to photography business now. Ann loves to work outside shots (macro, nature, landscape and street). She loves creative edits, mainly for 'book covers', which stimulates her imagination. She’s not used to studio work, preferring to work outside. Recently, she had publications in several Photo books. Her areas of expertise include Nature landscapes, Fine Art, Book Covers, Nature and Nature/Macro. And her clients include Semper Constantia Privatbank, Baillie Gifford & Co, Hinkler Publishing, several publications in 1x books, LLC advertising International Limited, Space 35, AMP Capital and Eurographics.

As an artist, Anna is admittedly quite diverse; she’s actively engaged in many projects and always has her hands full. The photographer has developed a style that gives her the freedom to choose what she feels is best for a given project. Her works that have been displayed at major art exhibitions have earned her numerous awards and a sizable following of loyal fans. Critics have also praised her for his controlled, crisp style of producing art. She says the positive feedbacks she gets from her viewers and what has always kept her going. Today, she’s considered as one of the best artists in France. She always produces great work in short notice and within the confines of the budget. She likes what she does and does it with passion, giving her best.

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