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Fab Funky Wall Art

Fab Funky Prints was founded by Kelly Stevens, a self-taught artist who is a huge lover of animals. Kelly lives with her husband right by the sea in West Sussex on the south coast of the UK. In her Fab Funky shop, Kelly prints her original designs onto antiquarian book pages. She is a huge lover of books, especially reference books, and so sometimes she ends up reading the pages she’s supposed to be printing on. Each of her prints is unique and is hand-designed and printed onto the original page. Some of the prints include authentic corporation seals while others have “foxing” age marks. Some may even have handwritten notes made by a 19th century reader. The prints look magnificent when displayed together and also look great on their own. Kelly's quirky art is designed to bring smiles and a little whimsy into the lives of her clients.

Kelly says she’s had the privilege of living with many animals during her lifetime and has learned to appreciate all of their funny little quirks and unique personalities, and it's this that inspires her artwork. She is also a lover of the whimsical and absurd which she thinks comes across in her artworks. Kelly mainly focuses on animals in her art. She takes the human characteristics that she sees in them and exaggerates them. Sometimes she likes to give her animals some elegance, but other times it takes the direction of an amusing image. All her artworks are finished digitally. Some start life as watercolors and some as acrylics. Some of her artworks are one 100 percent digitally painted.
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Rabbit On Penny Farthing
Fine-Art Print
13" x 19"
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