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Nan Rae Wall Art

Nan Rae likes to say that, like all mothers, hers was quick to pronounce her daughter an artist. It was like she was born with a brush in her hands. She’s not quite sure if she was talented but she knows for certain that she’s prolific as painter after painting were done and tossed aside as she moves on to the next. One of her teachers retrieved her painting out of the trash and that painting received a National Scholastic Award. She couldn’t believe it and after that there was no turning back as she was labeled a great artist by everyone. Summers spent at National Music Camp then time spent under the direction of the Maddy Joseph cemented her path. Surrounded by visual artists, dance majors and musicians she only had to breathe in the atmosphere to get inspiration.

At that time, Nan’s thinking was that all major art was Western in scope and style as she cracked out works such as these at Chicago’s Art Institute. And so the journey continued, doing traditional painting along with portrait work and welcoming any commission that came her way. Her brush painting combines an impressionist approach to color with the grace of the Literati style. This style seeks to go beyond the mere illustration of a subject to capture its life force, or ch'i, by using minimum brush strokes to achieve maximum effect. No models are used and no sketches are prepared. She paints with intuitive, rapid movements of the brush that convey a "sub-conscious image" of the subject.

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