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Adam Guan Wall Art

Adam Guan (Born 1963) was born in Macau, but he moved to the U.S. in 1966 at the age of three. Guan loved art since his childhood and has made painting his primary medium. His flower paintings are great for home and office décor. He does not paint just for the sake of painting. He wants his art to inspire and bring happiness to those who view or purchase them. He has been an artist for many years and in the course of his work he has managed to draw many esteemed clients to him. In his childhood, he spent a lot of time drawing and painting on walls, papers and floors and in books. This helped to reinforce his talent and honed his skills. The artist’s ability to transform common subjects into vibrant and realistic images has earned him financial and critical success. He’s disciplined in a wide variety of artistic techniques, and his subjects are easy to associate with. His work is sought by corporate and private collections all over the world.

Guan has attended numerous art exhibitions where his art has received positive reviews from art critics. He has presented at shows, receiving much acclaim for the quality of his work. His art is much sought after by many discerning collectors. Guan’s style is focused on dramatic and natural lighting that evoke emotion. The artist aims at giving his viewers a sense of reality, and also aims at conveying painterly effects with sensation. His goal as an artist is to cause the viewer to pause, look at his art more than once and rest in a pure form of beauty.

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