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Makiko Wall Art

Makiko studied Design at Nagoya Girl’s University. She was born in Japan. After graduating, she worked as a freelance designer for several textile printing companies. She recently studied Illustration and Graphic Design and is now based in Belgium. For more than 20 years now, she has been working as freelance illustrator for Children’s publishing and Greeting Cards. Makiko describes the art licensing industry as a miraculous world of which she loves to be apart of and loves working with Image Source (Art Licensing). Image Source have worked with her for almost 10 years and have watched her art make a huge success in the arts and crafts industries. When she’s not illustrating and painting, she enjoys good movies, traveling, and good Japanese food. Her designs are on cards but also used to produce rubber stamps because of her intricate pencil styles. As she loves animals and nature, most of her illustrations are animals.

Her inspiration comes from the innocent movement of children and animals. And for her animals are a good way of conveying an emotion and message. The artist experiments with different artistic styles and techniques, and with different materials, but mostly favors watercolor for its versatility and ease of application. Her new challenge is digital art. Makiko has attended numerous art exhibitions where her art has been the center of attraction and has received positive reviews from art critics. Her ability to transform common subjects into vibrant and realistic images is unmatched. She has displayed her artwork in several locations in Japan and even beyond. Her compositions are harmonious and pure, and her subjects are carefully selected.

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