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Poto Leifi Wall Art

Poto Leifi was born in Southern California where he also grew up. He loved art from his childhood. In fact at the age of four, he was already drawing very beautiful images. Leifi could always fill his free time with drawing on any surface that was available. He knew that one day he would become a professional artist. His dream has come to pass and today he’s a professional graphic artist, illustrator and a furniture, apparel and footwear designer. He’s also a published artist and a photographer. Slightly more than 10 years ago, he began to publish his own artwork as well. Leifi’s talent has made him to receive orders from some of the most prestigious clients in California and beyond. Whatever he does, he likes to take a design approach to make the product look attractive.

Everything is created as a collection and a series or just as a series, and everything is intended to develop a life of its own. Leifi has always had great sell-through with his products and has spent a lot of time studying his customers’ behaviors and trends so that he can effectively satisfy their needs. After the 911 terrorist attacks, he felt guilty working as a designer while the country was at war. So he enlisted in the military and served his country both in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also trained in Bangladesh, Nepal and South Korea. He later went back to his artwork and all that experience has contributed a lot to his current work of creating posters, prints and art.

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