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Jerry Driendl Wall Art

Jerry Driendl is one of the top 40 photographers at Getty Images - the leading stock agency in the world. He’s dedicated to capturing the world in a way in which few would ever get to see. Not only does he find the most interesting angles, he also does whatever it takes to capture the image in its finest moment for his posters, prints and art. This means that sometimes it takes him several consecutive days of waiting for the right elements to compose the shot. He can camp overnight at sights for double exposing and constantly return in to specific places year after year. His desire has taken him on a fantastic journey across the globe. He has made contacts at some of the best hotels and businesses in order to shoot from their prime locations. He is represented by Panoramic Images, and National Geographics Society.

His posters, prints and art can be seen on television, in countless magazines, and in major motion pictures. He has been capturing for several years and in the course of his work, he has paddled, rollerbladed, hovered and hiked to the best locations for posters, prints and art. For some of his shots, he’s found himself on hospital rooftops, on the upper levels of parking garages as well as in war-zoned apartment buildings. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the artist has traveled the world taking pictures of everything that he feels is amazing. In 1996, he was tapped to photograph the Olympics; he also captured the Phillies' win of the World Series in 2008.

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