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Marianne Caroselli Wall Art

Marianne Caroselli has been painting and sculpting for 30 years. She’s dedicated to art and this has given her the opportunity to create sculptures in many different themes. Marianne’s work ranges from table size to life size with subjects from wildlife, children, Native Americans, westerns, and horses. All her pieces of art are executed with warmth, feeling and peace, never portraying violence. She believes her artwork should be peaceful, relaxing and loving, so that it can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Her work is in the collection of many notables, such as Leanin Tree Museum, Wayne Newton, Burt Reynolds, Daniel Stern, Byron Nelson, Pat Summerall, Red McCombs, and many corporate collections as well. Marianne's work can be seen in five states in nine galleries. Her paintings are published as prints for a New York firm, greeting cards by Leanin Tree and calendars for Cowboy Artist and Artists of America.

Life as an artist has been rewarding for her. At age ten, she started her own business making ceramics. She’s a graduate of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art from where she received her degree in Interior Design. After graduation, she practiced interior design, got married and started a family. She carried out her ceramic business for fifteen years and it was during this time that she began to develop her talent in the art of painting. Soon, her family of 4 moved and settled in the wide-open spaces of Texas, in the town of San Marcos. Here, they made a home and Marianne established herself as a professional career artist. Her favorite subjects included cats, dogs, burros, cows, and horses.

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