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Franz Heigl Wall Art

Franz Heigl (Born in 1937) discovered art through his professional training as a commercial artist and window-dresser. Since the 1960s the artist has particularly enjoyed painting in tempera and watercolors. Heigl now lives in Chiemgau but was born in the Bavarian Forest. He has worked as a freelance artist since he attained the age of 52 years. The combination of colors makes his paintings to captivate the viewers. Tender colors at the rims of the painting are of particular interest because they are set off against expressive and rich colors in the middle of the painting which emphasizes the actual motif. With more than a million art prints sold, Heigl has become one of the Germany’s most published and popular contemporary artists. He had his own gallery in Chiemgau since the end of the 1980s and that’s where he worked as a graphic artist and freelance painter until his death in 2011.

His pictures were also very successful in the licensing sector. Reasons for his extraordinary success were the positivity of his images and his versatility. His themes ranged from still lifes and landscapes to flowers, while he often combined several themes such as landscape and still life. There‘s a broad variety of products featuring his images, including high tableware products, quality porcelain, stationery and greeting cards. His landscapes are flooded with playful gleams of light which impart an extraordinary optical appeal to the viewers. There is a broad variety of finishing options of his art to satisfy the varying needs of clients.

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