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Kathleen Denis Wall Art

Kathleen Denis is an American artist born in South Florida. Kathleen, like several artists, started off in art at a very young age, receiving her first art lessons at the tender age of four. She would later proceed to the University of Miami where she graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design. After attaining her degree, Kathleen continued working as a graphic artist for ten years. However, she had a deep desire to become a painter, her desire inspiring her to seek further training in painting. She ended up studying under some renowned painters, including Camille Przewodek, Colin Page, Kenn Backhaus, Jeanne Dobie and Mike Rooney. Kathleen has painted professionally since 1994 using oil and watercolors. Her professional art pieces have been exhibited in a host of galleries and trade shows in New York City, California and Atlanta. She became one of the leading artists since she was licensed in 1995, with her works being sold in the form of wall arts, wallpapers, textiles, and kitchenware.

Kathleen uses impressionistic style, particularly "in the open air" or most famously "PleinAir". Her style of art is quite demanding, especially capturing the effects of light. She has mastered her style so much that she can reach emotions of those who view her artwork. Kathleen gets her inspiration from the beautiful works of nature, including beaches, beautiful cottages and more. She uses creative and detail oriented brushstrokes, delivering warm and inviting art pieces. Kathleen is happily married to the love of her life Jeff with whom they have three children.

"When I paint I feel the presence of God in my life."

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