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Tara Gamel Wall Art

Artist Tara Gamel grew up in Colorado. From a very young age she knew she would be an artist. She first began drawing the mountain scenes and wildlife that surrounded her. She was also intrigued by graphic design elements. She got her inspiration from her father who is a wildlife artist. During her high school years, Tara was rarely seen without her sketch book. She was active in art events, clubs, and even sold her first painting before she graduated from high school. After leaving high school, she quickly grew fond of learning new styles and techniques of painting that kept her wanting to create more. As time went by, she began doing commissioned watercolor portraits and then moved on to doing oil and acrylic pieces for galleries. Tara tried to find ways to integrate the loose free style of painting she enjoyed with the clean crisp lines of graphic design.

She was able to bring her art into the print market where she produced a large variety of work with a wide range of style and color. She also continued to sell works in galleries throughout Canada and the United States. She now has a unique style that incorporates color, texture, and layers that draw viewers into her paintings. Tara tries to bring her inspiration and vision in life in each piece she creates She enjoys working on each layer as if each one was an individual painting. Teaching and music are also a passion in her life that she is able to enjoy with her husband and children.

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