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James Lee Wall Art

James Lee (Born 1952) is an artist who is a native of South Korea living in the United States. Lee attended University of North Korea in Seoul for six years before he moved to California, US, in 1981. While in California, he started creating art, posters and prints. At some point Lee moved to Arizona where he became a muralist and sold his artwork through a chain of galleries called “Carol's Art Gallery,” named after his wife Carol Kim Lee. He has built a reputation over the years for his great talent and ability to create works that resonate with the environments he lives. Lee has become a name to reckon with in the arts industry, particularly in Los Angeles and New York City where he has been running galleries for the past 10 years. One of Lee’s beliefs is that one is born an artist, and he has accordingly used his art to communicate with his audience. He covers topics that resonate well with those who like the turn of the century romantic themes and homes with lush gardens.

The way Lee captures nature in his artwork makes rooms where they are mounted to sparkle with life. From waterfalls to forests, landscapes to traditional settings, Lee delivers it with the eye of a native. Besides selling his artwork through his own gallery, his prints have been sold through other avenues as well. His works are detailed in a manner that gives a clear representation of his subjects. Some art critics have referred to him as a contemporary realist. Lee uses oil paint as his primary medium.

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