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Judy Mandolf Wall Art

Judy Mandolf (Born January 10, 1937) is an American photography artist who was born and raised in Logansport, Indiana. From a young age, she already had something for photography although she didn’t pursue it then. She proceeded to study at the University of California, San Diego, from where she graduated with a degree of court reporter in 1996. Even though she stepped into the job market and started out as a personnel manager, working for Hydro Products in San Diego, she always had something for art and would soon start exploring art. Judy’s first professional art assignment was a photography freelancing project. At the beginning of her artistic career, she focused mainly on U.S. and Europe audience, picking black and white images and painting them using her preferred media. Later she would later embrace digital techniques in her art making. Using the digital option allowed her to create art from her imaginations, something she wasn’t able to achieve without the digital approach. Judy has won several awards, including two Best Show awards in different events and also scooped the first prize in Computer Edge magazine's art competition. Due to the depth and quality of her creative works, they’ve been exhibited in diverse locations, with some of them available at Merck, Dohme, and Sharpe. It doesn’t just end with the displays for Judy’s art; they’re also widely published in a number of publications, including American Photographer and Photographers Forum magazine. Those who would like to purchase her art can find them in galleries, art dealerships, and a host of other art outlets, both local and online.

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