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Ed Capeau Wall Art

Ed Capeau is a self taught fine art painter who was born and raised Brockton, Ma. He’s had a natural knack for art his whole life. He sold his first artwork at age seven and this acted as his launching pad. Ed Capeau drew characters of his neighbors and sold them for $0.25. He knew then that he wanted to be an artist; he had to draw, paint, and sculpt, constantly. He has used his artistic skills to become a faux finish artist and his work has been featured in many newspapers including The Herald, Brockton Enterprise, Patriot Ledger, among others. His art has also been seen on online magazines and numerous websites. They are in many local cafes and businesses such as "Cravings Cafe" Kingston, cafe "29 Newbury" Boston, etc. He has appeared on Cambridge community television (CCTV).

His biggest happiness is when he sees people enjoy his artwork so he’s donated a big underwater theme mural to the Children’s Hospital" in Boston. He has also donated artwork to charity events for Lori's Angels, breast cancer, etc. Ed Capeau has been involved with t-shirt designs, church restorations, body painting, and pretty much anything artistic but his specialty is the iconic black-and-white portraits. He has created huge murals of the iconic portraits for his viewers to enjoy. His art seems to have a special appeal to a wide audience and he enjoys painting them and he says it’s the ultimate goal of all artists to create things for people to enjoy.

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