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Marc Allante Wall Art

Marc Allante is an artist who was born in Hong Kong. He exhibited a passion for the visual arts from an early age. His work is inspired, in both form and style, by the western and eastern influences because he has lived in London, Sydney and Hong Kong. Merging European watercolor with Chinese inks and pen techniques in a contemporary style reflects the fusion of Allante’s French-Chinese ancestry and brings it into modern context. This entirely self taught artist is represented by the Avenue Des Arts gallery in Hong Kong. He utilizes a variety of themes, subject matter and techniques to expand the repertoire of his ink and art collection. Allante is one of the most sought after young emerging artists today. He has an international following and his art has been sold worldwide. Allante had carved a niche online presence selling his work internationally through both his personal gallery and through commissions.

Allante has exhibited in Platform (2014) and Brickhouse (2013) in Hong Kong and completed a number of murals for the Maximal Group which operates several restaurants including Mott 32 and Blue Butcher. Other international clients of his work have included ENI and L’Oreal. Allante’s artwork continues to remain in high demand as he explores new themes and subject matter to expand the repertoire of his ink and art collection. Allante had been shortlisted as the Hong Kong Young Artist of the Year (2012) in the Asia Contemporary Art Show, and his art has been featured by the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, in various art blogs and news publications internationally.

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