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Melinda Hipsher Wall Art

From and early age, Melinda Hipsher, felt compelled to paint and draw, often with the encouragement of her family and her teacher. As she grew up into a practical young woman, she began to think that painting was something one did for enjoyment, not as a serious career. It never occurred to her that someone would earn a living as a full time artist. Her head told her to try art, but her heart told her another story. She went to study advertising at the Columbus College of Art & Design. Her heart won out on the location though and she was brought back to the country air in Hardin County. Melinda lives in the country and she is inspired by nature every day. Her art captures moments that she sees in nature and the moments from celebrations and holidays. She wants to use her art to stir emotions in her viewers.

She has worked in the printing industry in the graphic arts department and has been involved with many different print materials. She can illustrate a moment from her imagination or can paint realistic beautiful images. She has worked with watercolor and also enjoys painting on wood with acrylic paints. Melinda has taken part in many art exhibitions, and her art can be found in many art galleries. They have also found their way into many people’s homes and in both private and corporate institutions. She currently lives with her husband, Wes, three children, Brady, Kyle, and Molly, a golden retriever, Kitty, the kitty, and Grace.

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