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Hank Fotos Wall Art

Hank Fotos (Born 1964) was born in Newport Beach. Being a photo editor was always his dream. He was always taking pictures and it was pretty interesting. He just wanted to be in the ocean all the time. He says that he wanted a job that wasn’t like a job, so he decided to become a photographer. He began his photography career in 1985 as a runner in the mailroom at Surfing Magazine. Currently, Fotos remains a Senior Staff Photographer for the magazine. He was born in Newport Beach, California. He contributes regularly to the Surfing Magazine and his work continues to appear on countless publications and covers worldwide. Fotos worked under Larry Flame” Moore, then Editor of the magazine and mentor. During this chapter of his career, he was a staple at Salt Creek in Dana Point. In 1989, he moved to the North Shore of Oahu where he established himself as one of the premier photographers at the North Shores.

Today he’s one of the leading photographers in the North Shores. In addition to taking photographs for the surf industry, Fotos is one of a very few photographers whose work is carried in galleries in this region. He freelances his work for many top companies in the surfing industry. He also contributes to many worldwide publications, biographies, textbooks, videos, pictorial books, shoes, apparel, skateboards and vehicles. The list of his accomplishments is extensive. The photographer is a unique character and he has been on the North Shore for about 20 years. He takes some of the most amazing surf shots ever seen, and he’s always there when the waves are good so as to take the shots.
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