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Cole Borders Wall Art

Cole Borders’ passion for design and background in printing are the perfect combination to bring incredible drawings to life, images that add a bit of personalization and history to everyone who views them. Borders is the founder of PatentPrints, dealing with recreation of original patent drawings using a myriad of innovations, inventions and techniques. From machines and gadgets to toys and household items, these creations are refined yet technical and even playful. Borders got his inspiration from a patent drawing of a duck call – it was artful and interesting. He was so impressed with the quality of the art that he decided to share them with everyone. He was intrigued with blueprints and schematics, and loved the idea that most products start with a hand drawing. So he has been producing patent art prints that make distinctive pieces with an educational flare. Each of his paintings looks authentic while being appropriate for any home or office wall. They are printed on matte cardstock.

PatentPrints is now a family business. It has quickly grown to include more Borders’ family members. Borders’ brought in additional family to help in customer service and production. They have an excellent line of products, and are always expanding what they offer. PatentPrints provide the best pieces of art to dress up walls! And the clients and choose from multiple prints sizes and multiple paper choices. The prints are of great inventions that have changed many people’s lives. They are educational, fun, and will look great on all walls.

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