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Dianne Miller Wall Art

Dianne Miller grew up in Braintree and attended Braintree High School. After graduating from the school, she went ahead to receive a diploma in Art at Vesper George College of Art. This is where she met Robert Cormier with whom she later studied intensively with. Dianne studied the conventional way to paint, full time year round for 5 years. Robert Moore and David Lowery were included in the roster of her impressive teachers. She studied art for ten years in college, ateliers and private classes and has she has painted nonstop for more than 30 years to develop her craft and style. Not wanting to be like other painters, she worked hard to paint in her own style not from photographs but from life. She endured long hours, worked at a bar for seventeen years and brought up her daughter.

She still managed to paint full time and her work has proved that her versatility and hard work has helped her to produce stunning and very realistic artwork. Being surrounded by museums of Boston and the art galleries of Newbury Street while studying at the Atelier, Dianne discovered the type of artist she wanted to be and embarked on a journey to be one. She has received numerous awards both locally and nationally in the more than 30 years she has been painting. Dianne is represented in hundreds of private collections as well as in many fine galleries. Just recently, her oil painting was accepted to the National Endowment show. She is a signature member of the New England Plein Air Painters.

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