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Print Collection Wall Art

Print Collection is a company that produces and publishes artistic pieces, including historic images and prints. Based on the different requirements of their customers, they normally avail their works in different sizes and effects as requested by the customer. Douglas Levere, a reputable photographer, founded the company out of his passion to deliver quality art to customers and provide inspiration in different ways. His passion of photographic can be traced to his family, having been evident in more than four generations. Both his great grandfather and grandfather were respected artists of their times. As if that isn't enough, Levere's dad was a commercial printer and his mom was a fashion illustrator and painter.

It's such a background that inspired him into living a life of images. Levere's artistic life includes 20 years experience as a documentary and commercial photography artist. Through the experience, he witnessed diverse changes in the industry and finally decided to change something about his life. It was at this point that Print Collection was born, having been inspired mainly by the classic WPA Travel posters of the 1930s. The company focuses mainly in releasing life images that impact on the lives of viewers. With more than 20 years in the field, he has seen it all. He has photographed many celebrities, including theatrical drag queens of Wall Street. Some of his works also include still lifes, architecture, and news makers. His creative works have been reproduced widely and are available in galleries and collections worldwide.

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