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Michael Blanchette Photography Wall Art

Michael Blanchette is a photographer based in New England-based. He specializes in landscapes and nature. His images exude a sense of simplicity, mystery, and tranquility. These attributes are personified in his motto, “Serenity in Landscapes.” Blanchette’s favorite destinations in New England include Narragansett Bay, the Green Mountains of Vermont, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Cape Cod, Acadia National Park and the Coast of Maine. In addition, Blanchette travels far and wide to capture subjects away from his home base. The photographer aims to capture nature at its best. His love for photography extends across the Colorado Plateau, all the way to the Southern Appalachian Mountains, and over to many other beautiful parts of Europe. He prefers to work at twilight, sunset, and sunrise, as these hours hold more potential for drama.

Blanchette is also passionate about night photography, and he constantly in search of bright stars, clear skies, and a colorful Milky Way. Before turning to photography, he worked as computer software developer, a career he greatly enjoyed and even co-founded a start-up company. But come 2001, he decided to retire from the software industry to pursue his interest in art, and since then he has never looked back. Digital photography has become his passion. Blanchette enjoys his work and cannot imagine doing something else. His photos have been featured in major publications such as Mother Earth News, Digital Photographer, and GEO Voyage. He travels to beautiful places to shoot inspiring scenes, while applying his own personal vision.

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