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Marlene Watson Wall Art

Marlene Watson has been painting and drawing for as long as she can recall. She mainly creates maps, although she covers several other subjects such as cities, and animals. Most of her subjects are inspired by the things she interacts with in her everyday life and her own imaginations. After years of painting and drawing using a powerful combination of colors, Marlene has finally resorted to creating her art digitally. The process isn't as straightforward as the final art pieces may show, but are characterized with a lot of experimentation to get the right compositions and color.

Her artistic works capture details that are often ignored in everyday life. These could be anything from someone marching to some imaginary rhythm to an animal reacting to some unknown sound. Marlene uses her creativity to draw attention to humorous elements of life, capturing and sharing them with her audience. She uses a unique approach that results in vibrantly colored maps and life elements that have a unique appeal and appearance. As for her, whichever art she creates goes as long as it captures her audience’s attention.

Marlene started out capturing the things around her Glasgow Scotland neighborhoods where she grew up and expanded to other environments that she’s visited. Through art, she's managed to hold a number of shows in North America. Marlene has been commissioned by a number of companies and has illustrated a children's book that has sold widely for several years. Her works are found in numerous galleries and are sold framed, laminated, canvas, and as prints.

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