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Selina Fenech Wall Art

Selina Fenech (Born 1981) is an Australian artist born to parents of Australian and Maltese descent. During her childhood, she enjoyed reading stories on magic, fairies, and princesses. Selina marveled at the illustrations in the books, amazed by how human hands can create such beautiful art. She developed a strong love for drawing and eventually started drawing her own fantasies as inspired by the ones in her books. As she was growing up, she worked continually to improve her art. Over time, people from different backgrounds began to appreciate her work, especially those who love fantasy. Selina’s works are collected across the globe and are mainly sold through her website. Many of her creative pieces have been licensed to different companies for use in the manufacture of products such as jewelry, stationery, and t-shirts.

Her growth can be attributed to her dedication and creativity that have seen her earn a living from her artistic works for more than 10 years. Selina sells her art to galleries, collectors and art lovers located across more than 35 countries. She uses mixed media, although she often works with watercolors and acrylics. Where necessary, Selina adds other media, namely, pencil, ink, pastels and digital imaging to achieve her desired effects. She has authored a series of books that tell more about her life and contain some of her illustrations.

"I want to live my life like it’s a fairy tale, and I want my artwork to make other people feel the same. I love that for a person of any age my fairies can bring back the magical memories and feelings of adventure from their childhood. I hope that they also create new memories and dreams of magic!"
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