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Fiona Stokes-Gilbert Wall Art

Fiona Stokes Gilbert is a designer and an illustrator who works in the greater Los Angeles area. She earned her BFA at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and has continued to study and explore her art, with additional study at The School of Visual Arts in NYC and at Otis Parsons, UCLA, broadening her skill set in different areas; from digital techniques to traditional drawing and painting. Fiona has spent more than 3 decades designing textiles and consumer products for companies such as Mattel, Disney, Nickelodeon, Franciscan dinnerware and Warner Brothers. She is very passionate about patterns and integrates it frequently into her work. Her mediums of choice have been gouache and watercolor.

However, she has more recently been experimenting with mixed media and acrylic. While she enjoys the possibilities that open up when working digitally, she never strays too far from her first love, painting and drawing. Every piece she does, even if it is completed as a digital file, starts as an original painting. Fiona considers art as a learning process where one moves from the familiar and the known to the mysterious and unknown. She also sees art as a means through which she communicates her emotions and feelings to her viewers. Her pieces of art are in great demand allover the world and are popular with many collectors. She has attended many exhibitions and her art is found in many private homes and also in many private and public institutions and galleries throughout the world.

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