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Dan Ballard Wall Art

Photographer Dan Ballard was born and brought up in Southeast Colorado in the very small town of Kim. He’s able to transport viewers to exotic locations with his work. Compelling composition and rich colors tell the story of the places he visits and captures. His fans can't wait to see where he takes them next. With the amount of travel he does each year, Ballard appreciates that he can update and access his website from anywhere in the world. This is also important because it helps him with print sales as he can approve and review orders on the go. Nowadays he spends about half of his time traveling around the United States or overseas, and the other half of the year back in Colorado. Ballard shoots western, travel, and landscape, but what he’s really most passionate about is blending landscape and travel photography together.

His objective is to create an impressive scene that is a landscape in itself, and also shows culture or people as well. Ballard must have inherited his artistic talent from his mother who is also a photographer. He grew up around photography and cameras. Although his mother makes her living with portrait photography, they are constantly going together to the mountains to take pictures. Ballard thinks that’s what started his love for photography, and then when he started traveling some years back it really grew into his main passion. It is very rare to find Ballard without a camera in his hand. He believes that he can come across a scene that’s worth capturing or a situation worth remembering.

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