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Sylvia Murray Wall Art

Sylvia Murray loved art from childhood. As a child she spent her summers in the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec with her mother. She used to carry her jumbo coloring books, paper and crayons to entertain herself. During summers end, she found herself surrounded by hundreds of brightly colored drawings. She has replaced the crayons with paint and brushes and she no longer needs to wait until summer. She paints every time and enjoys the process to the fullest. Sylvia is lucky that her talent was discovered earlier by those who surrounded her and she got their support. Her paintings, most often Acrylic on canvas, provide her with enormous satisfaction both in process and result. The paintings consist of representational and non-representational form.

She loves the interplay of texture, color, and space which she hopes the viewer will appreciate. The challenge of a blank canvas fills her with excitement. Her images have been published on calendars, posters, greeting cards, and stationery around the world. All of Sylvia’s images promise to delight and inspire all those who view them. Her pieces are owned by galleries, private collectors and museums around the world. Her pieces often incorporate elements from paintings that she admires. Many of her paintings are inspired by the memories of the places she has visited and the people she has interacted with. Full of heart and soul, her prints are sure to make any art lover smile. She is kept busy with painting for commissions, competitions, gallery shows as well as her own portfolio.

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