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Mo Mullan Wall Art

Mo Mullan began his art career as a graphic designer. Today he’s an artist and illustrator with a deep appreciation for both design and illustration. Because of his passion for drawing, he went back to school to get an MFA in illustration. He attended the Savannah College of Art & Design from 2006. After his graduation he has been living and working in the hills of rural Vermont. His love of art gave him a great advantage while he was at the college. He interacted with so many professional artists who continue to inspire his art. Today he was managed to pull a large following of loyal followers. Mullan loves what he does and says he can never imagine doing something different. Even though he has not taken long after college, his art can be compared to those of artists who have been in this business for many years.

He loves to work with colors and is gifted at using them to make his subjects come to life. His art reflects handmade and graphic qualities paying tribute to Andy Warhol, his hero, and reminiscent of printmaking techniques. Mullan does not fear to experiment and have developed several techniques and always chooses the best for the project that he has at hand. This has made his art to be very popular with many collectors. Currently, his art adorns the walls of many prestigious buildings, galleries and institutions in the world. Mullan strives to ensure that his art inspires those who view them.

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