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Scott Jessop Wall Art

Scott Jessop’s illustrations are a fusion of digital and traditional techniques. Acrylics, watercolors, hand made backgrounds and pencil drawings are scanned into the computer and used with Illustrator and Photoshop to create vibrant and textured images. The use of type and hand lettering is often a central part of his illustration work, and is a result of his extensive background in packaging and graphic design. The border plans and garden plans are underpinned by his strong knowledge of plants, having also qualified from the English Gardening School in Chelsea as a garden designer. The artist sets out to achieve this degree of accuracy and clarity in all his images. One of his clients confesses that he has created illustrations for him for about 10 years now and the illustrations are still one of his favorite things about the look of Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

The client continues to say that one of his favorite things at work is seeing an illustration from Jessop arrive in his inbox and wondering what he (Jessop) has come up. He’s yet to be disappointed. A partial list of his clients include AAALiving, Wanderlust, Waitrose Weekend, Time Out, Sunday Times, Readers Digest, Radio Times, Jamie Magazine, Ink Global, Homes & Gardens, Gardeners' World, Glaxo SmithKline, and BBC Books. Jessop can always rely on to produce accurate, innovative illustrations which is such a fortunate thing for a busy art director. The artist always produces really great work on short time, often before deadline, and is a pleasure to work with.

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