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Sophie Devereux Wall Art

Sophie Devereux is an artist with an undeniable love for people and a flair for visual arts. She has several years of experience in this industry. Sophie is a gifted artist and it was therefore no surprise when she decided to pursue art as a career. Her clients hire her with a goal in mind to acquire her original piece of artwork for their home that they know they will be able to cherish for a lifetime. She studied art at New Orleans School of Art & Craft before proceeding to Loyola University in New Orleans. Dina has a relaxed approach with her subjects. This is important for her because she knows it results in authentic art that will last forever. She’s a fashion artist but will paint whatever else strikes her fancy. Sophie strives to capture the true essence of ordinary objects and places. She’s open to learning new techniques and styles to keep her work fresh.

That’s why she’s a regular visitor of art museums and a participant in many art exhibitions. Sophie considers art as a means through which she tells her audience what she loves. She prefers to achieve quality without adding too much detail or sophistication. What this means is that she likes to keep everything simple and doesn’t want too much detail to destroy her unique style. Sophie incorporates dramatic use of color and texturing to capture her subject matter with a unique flair. There is never a limit in her techniques, her subject matter, or her stylistic development. With lively vigorous vivid accents and brushstrokes, Sophie continues her search for new images of familiar subjects.

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