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Jenny Newland Wall Art

Jenny Newland is a native of Tucson, Arizona. She has been painting professionally for close to two decades. She studied with graphic designer Chris Delorica, and at Glendale Community College and Northern Arizona University. She is best known for her life like, realistic portraits of animals that according to her viewers are brought to life with sweet expressions and colorful detail. Because she and her family are surrounded at home by fifteen cats, four dogs, and various farm animals, Jenny is able to capture the personalities of her subjects so well. She creates her beautiful kittens and puppies and adorable wildlife paintings using her own unique style of combining airbrushing and brush techniques with acrylics. In 1995 Jenny joined Bernard Publishing and Applejack Licensing. In the same year an Applejack division commissioned her to paint kittens and puppy collages in a country and garden scene.

The paintings have been a hit with buyers. Jenny has donated her art to nationally funded organizations such as the National Humane Society, the Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation, Mogollon Sporting Association, Ducks Unlimited, SPCA, and Defenders of Wildlife. She also donates her artwork to various churches and community schools. She has received numerous awards for her artwork and has also licensed for banners, greeting cards, prints, puzzles, mugs, gift tins, t-shirts, designer fabrics, and many other items that feature her animals. Her admirers often remark upon the highly photographic effect she achieves in the medium of acrylic paint. The secret to conveying such realism, she explains, lies in expressing the personality and mood of each subject through its eyes.

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