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Dracula Posters

Vampire stories have been around for centuries and these bloodthirsty demons are a popular theme in many cultures and civilizations. Nevertheless, it was Bram Stoker that made them famous worldwide with his best-selling book that served as a source of inspiration to movie producers. Dracula Art Prints are sought after by the fans of the genre and ItsABlackThang.com is the place where these prospective customers are guaranteed to find what they’re looking for.

Dracula Art

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24" x 18"
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Contrary to popular belief, Dracula posters are quite diverse as the vampire is depicted in different ways, depending on the movie they relate to. Over the course of time, Hollywood producers found it worthwhile to tap into the immense potential of this horror story and as a result, there are plenty of films to watch. ItsABlackThang.com has assembled an impressive collection of Dracula printings, so all popular re-enactments are covered and there are dozens of artworks to choose from.

It comes as no surprise that some of the Dracula art prints are gory and blood is a common sight in most of them. Despite this somewhat aggressive presentation, the posters have nothing extreme about them which makes them a suitable addition to homes and offices. Anyone who is even remotely interested in vampire movies, should have at least one Dracula poster on the walls, because this is the original vampire and the source of inspiration to all modern films. Add to this the fact that the posters score big points in terms of visual appeal and you’ve got another reason to check out the collection.
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